Saltwater Aquarium Snails for Sale - Saltwater snails in a reef aquarium serve a valuable purpose as long as the correct snails are chosen. Purchase the right snails and you will be on the way to eliminating your algae issues.

Snails are great aquarium janitors and are an essential cleaner, but not all are safe for coral reefs. There are many different types of saltwater snails and they all can work in different situations. Some snails stay strictly in the sand, while others will go anywhere in the tank. This is what makes snails one of the best reef cleanup crew members. There are many different species and having different snails is recommended. They are peaceful towards each other and will often work together to clean all areas of your tank.

Marine Snails are remarkable scavengers that are constantly removing algae and debris tucked deeply into coral reefs and rock reefs. Some Snails, however, can be more aggressive, so it is best to allow them plenty of space and extra food when needed.

Discount Coral has excellent reef safe algae eating snails, such as turbo fluctuosa, trochus snails, mexican turbo snails or waste eaters, such as nassarius vibex.