About Us

Robert Ignacio, owner & founder of Discount Coral, has had a lifelong passion for marine life. After moving to Costa Rica in 1998 and becoming a certified scuba diver, he soon explored many of the Caribbean sea reefs and decided his passion to start growing corals and breeding saltwater fish.

Discount Coral is a small family business, with a single minded purpose, to make this exciting hobby affordable and accessible to anyone who has a desire to bring a bit of the ocean into their home or business. Rob and his son Dominic handle most of the maintenance and cleaning of customers tanks. Rob’s wife Dolly is the manager at the store.

Rob is the passion behind Discount Coral. The business started as a hobby for the owner, after being an avid fish hobbyist since his teens. His first reef tanks started with no chillers or skimmer and only some fluorescent bulbs to lights the tank. Today his extensive experience and knowledge of saltwater livestock and operation of the equipment used in the hobby, has made Rob, a trusted advisor to many of marine aquarium enthusiasts across the U.S.