Dwarf Lionfish

Dwarf lionfish are a popular and intriguing saltwater fish because of their remarkable coloration and shape. But they also add interest because of the graceful yet venomous danger held in their iconic, flowing fins.

Their alluring color combination is such that you can’t get enough of them. They are comfortable with a carnivorous diet and prey on fishes and crustaceans in the wild. They are not known to be avid swimmers, rather Dwarf Lionfishes are stationary most of the time.

Native to the Red Sea, a part of Indo-Pacific regions, this fish has invaded the water lands of Atlantic regions. The invasion has become so extensive, that they are found in the invaded waters more than their place of origin. Presently, they are found in the Arafura Sea, Caribbean Sea, Mariana Islands, Tonga, Samoa, and Japan provinces.

There are three types of Dwarf Lionfish to be found in these oceans: The two-spot lionfish, twin-spot lion or Fu Manchu lion (Dendrochirus Biocellatus), The Shortfin Dwarf or Fuzzy Lionfish (D. brachypterous), and the Dwarf Zebra Turkey fish (D.Zebra). Each varies in their appearance and behavior.