Feather Dusters

Feather dusters (or fan worms) are found in oceans worldwide, typically in shallow to moderately deep marine environments. They are most commonly found in tropical and temperate regions, where they inhabit a variety of habitats such as coral reefs, rocky substrates, seagrass beds, and sandy bottoms. Their distribution can vary depending on the specific species and environmental conditions.

Feather Dusters - Fan Worm

Feather dusters are often attached to substrates like rocks, coral rubble, shells, and even the surface of other larger organisms. Their ability to anchor themselves to these substrates using mucous-covered tubes helps them remain stable despite water movement. Their unique feeding strategy, filtering plankton and organic matter from the water, makes them an important part of the marine food web.

Feather Dusters need to be housed in a well-established reef system as it is dependent upon plankton for its diet. They are popular inhabitants in saltwater aquariums due to their unique and graceful appearance. Feather dusters get their name from the feathery structures that they use for feeding and respiration. It is very intolerant of copper-based medications.

Remember that successful keeping of feather dusters requires patience, dedication, and a well-maintained aquarium. If you're new to saltwater aquarium keeping, consider doing thorough research and consulting with experienced hobbyists or professionals to ensure the best care for your feather dusters.