Saltwater Dartfish for Sale  - Dartfish are also know as Firefish and are in the ( Nemateleotris magnifica ) Goby family. Most species are vibrantly colored and come in dazzling shades of red, yellow, orange, blue, purple, green and black. Given appropriate tankmates and care, this graceful, fairly hardy species of fish, that comes from the Indian and western Pacific oceans, will adapt quite readily to a peaceful, saltwater community tank or reef aquarium. They can be kept in pairs and or solitary. They will eat a carnivorous diet consisting of zooplankton and chopped meaty foods.

This makes them an excellent choice for most beginner and novice aquarists. They require an aquarium with plenty of hiding spots and at least 2 inches of substrate for burrowing. Sometimes these burrows are shared in a symbiotic relationship with the Pistol Shrimp.

Dartfish, also contain a swim bladder which allows it to seem to hover in place and are jumpers, so a tight-fitting canopy on the aquarium is a must.