Saltwater Clownfish for Sale - Clownfish are great beginner saltwater fish, that are both brightly colored, and easy to care for. Given the space they do not pose a problem to the other inhabitants and are reef safe. These fish will easily adapt to most environments and will eat any kind of meaty seafood, flake or pellet.

Ideally, Clownfish should be purchased in small groups consisting of one species and introduced to the aquarium simultaneously. Clownfish can be territorial and can be aggressive in protecting its territory. This happens more when it is hosting in an anemone, it will chase any other fish that comes close to the anemone, and this can include the hand of the aquarist.

As well, clownfish do not have to have anemones to live in but may host in LPS corals like Frog Spawn and some soft corals if an anemone is not provided.