Aquarium Service & Maintenance


No aquarium is self-maintaining, and all require supplies, up keep, and care to promote a healthy ecosystem environment. Let Discount Coral maintain the beauty of your aquarium as well, the health and vitality of your fish. Whether you have a 120-gallon saltwater tank or a 25-gallon fresh water tank, it's important that you use the right aquarium maintenance service.

Discount Coral is a full service aquarium sales, installation and maintenance company. Whether you are looking to purchase a new aquarium, interested in one of our maintenance packages, or moving an existing set-up, we are here to help.

Discount Coral Aquarium Services

Professional Aquarium Maintenance and Service

Proper maintenance helps to ensure the overall success and sustained longevity of your aquarium. Design a maintenance package to fit your needs: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, or just a one time cleaning!

Whether it is a Freshwater system or a Saltwater Reef environment, allow us to take the labor out of keeping your aquarium in pristine shape and working order, so that you may simply enjoy the beauty of your aquarium while saving yourself the effort of maintaining it.

Our main goal at Discount Coral, is to maintain your aquarium to its optimal performance and pay attention to every detail. Our aquarium service team will arrive on a timely manner at your home or office for your professional aquarium cleaning. In addition, we’ll assess your system and offer our expert aquarium advice on the ways you can improve your aquarium.

A typical aquarium service includes cleaning the aquarium, 20% water change, filtration system, gravel/sand vacuum, water testing and visual inspection of the aquarium, equipment maintenance, and its inhabitants. This ensures optimal conditions for supporting different types of life.

Or, do you simply need a helping hand in revamping a system that has managed to get away from you? We are more than happy to come on an as needed basis, just give us a 2-week notification (preferably) and well be on our way!

Price by Tank Size: Saltwater Aquarium

  • 50 - 100 Gallons - basic service: $129.00
  • 110 - 150 Gallons - basic service: $169.00
  • 175 - 200 Gallons - basic service: 199.00
  • 220 - 400 Gallons - basic service: $299.00

Price by Tank Size: Freshwater Aquarium

  • 50 - 100 Gallons - basic service: $99.00
  • 110 - 150 Gallons - basic service: $149.00
  • 175 - 200 Gallons - basic service: 189.00
  • 220 - 400 Gallons - basic service: $279.00

Pre Mixed Aquarium Saltwater & RO/DI:

  • Instant Ocean / Reef Crystal: $1.75 Per Gallon
  • RO/DI Water: $5.00 / 5 Gallons

Aquarium Installations

No matter if your aquarium is a Nano or 10,000 gallons, we are ready to take on the project. Whether you want saltwater, freshwater, fish-only, or the more rare and exotic jellyfish, we can create a custom tank or in-wall tank to fit your needs. Our expert designers and experienced aquarium engineers are here to bring your idea to life.

Our custom built and free standing saltwater and freshwater installations range from 55 to over 1000 gallons. Installation of equipment is done professionally and is personally tailored for each application.

Aquarium Delivery & Set-Up

  • Freshwater: $70.00 (base charge) + $2.00 per gallon*
  • Saltwater: $70.00 (base charge) + $3.00 per gallon*

Standard Delivery & Set-up Includes:

  • Deliver + place tank, stand, equipment, and gravel
  • Ensure stand is level
  • R/O water (with marine salt if necessary)
  • Acclimate fish (ensure proper coral + live rock placement for reefs) + aquascape