Saltwater Angelfish for Sale - Saltwater Angelfish are major showpieces in a large saltwater aquariums and are NOT typically considered to be reef safe. Saltwater Angelfish diet consists of microalgaes, macroalgaes, sponges, and zooplankton. Found in every ocean, although the greatest diversity of bigger angelfish are found in the Indo-Pacific. Large Angels like the Emperor Angel, Regal Angel, Queen Angel, are just a few of the larger marine angels seen in big marine aquariums.

Most Angelfish have their own personality and temperament. One may be reef safe and mild mannered while another of the same kind can pick on coral and even another be a bully. It is advisable not to introduce Angels from the same genus into one aquarium, as fighting will usually occur. They require a lot of room to swim and essentially demand the whole territory as their own. In general, large angelfish shouldn't be kept with other angelfish due to their bold nature. They get along with most reef fish and in the right conditions, are easy to care for.

Dwarf Angelfish are generally bold in nature. For that reason, they shouldn't be kept together unless they are in male and female pairs. Dwarf Angelfish dominate their environment and tend to stay front and center. They are very popular for their bright colors and ease of care. Dwarf Angelfish graze the reef looking for algae. Arguably the best feature is that most dwarf angelfish stay relatively small which allows a wide variety of suitable environments.