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Vodka Dosing in Saltwater Reef Aquarium

Vodka dosing, also known as the Vodka method, is a technique used in saltwater aquariums to provide a carbon source to beneficial bacteria in the aquarium. This method helps promote the growth of nitrate and phosphate-reducing bacteria, which can help control nutrient levels in the aquarium and improve water quality. It is a form of carbon dosing and is typically used in reef aquariums to maintain low nutrient levels.

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Low Boy Frag Tank Build

I start the frag tank build with a stand that i would make out of five 2 by 4's and two pieces of 48" x 24" x 1/2 inch plywood. I used the Low Boy breeder aquarium from Zoo Med, which is a 50 gallon aquarium, that has an area of 48 by 24 inches, and is only 10 inches tall. They are reasonably priced around $135 to $150 depending on the area you live in. I used two AI 26 for lights and some old heaters that i had laying around.

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Saltwater Mixing Station Build

Fresh saltwater is necessary to do monthly water changes and fresh RO/DI water is needed to replenish for evaporation. So I would drive every week to my local fish store (LFS), and buy RO/DI (Reverse Osmosis/ DeIonized) water. Until one day i decided to make room in my garage and buy an RO/DI system and setup a saltwater mixing station at the house. My first obstacle was trying to find the space to store RO/DI filters, water storage containers, and saltwater mixing buckets. After some thought, I decided to use (2) 32 gallon BRUTE trashcans and will mix up about 25-30 gallons at a time. I started the saltwater mixing station build with a stand that i would make out...

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