Discount Coral Fish Quarantine Protocol

Today’s post is all about why we Quarantine our saltwater fish and the various steps that need to be taken before shipping to customers.

Most fish are wild caught and fish that will be picked up from Discount Coral location or been purchased online, have gone through a variety of channels to get to you. Many fish will die or get sick during capture and transportation. This is one of the primary reasons for quarantining our fish before shipping, is recovery of your fish.

Quarantining a fish allows the fish to destress and for you to have the fish adjust to their new parameters, frozen food, and provides it a safe space for it to thrive away from more aggressive and established tank mates who can out compete it for food. Putting a fish directly into your display puts the fish in more stress and added stress events leads to infections and diseases.

This is another reason for why we quarantine our fish. A fish’s immune system should be able to fight off more infections and diseases, however the shock of transportation compromises your fish’s immune system leaving it vulnerable to any disease that gets shipped with it. Some of these diseases when they break out can be so deadly, they can wipe out your tank within days.

Discount Coral will quarantine and treat our fish, for up to 14 days depending on if it is freshwater, Saltwater and where it comes from. In addition, we only sell, and you should only buy fish that are actively eating. Treating fish after shipment and preventing disease is far better than treating fish after they break down or get sick.