Saltwater Aquarium Crabs for Sale - Saltwater Crabs are crucial for maintaining a clean aquarium and a must have for any reef aquarium. Saltwater crabs are the perfect reef tank janitors to keep problems like hair algae, bubble algae, cyano bacteria, and excess food (detritus) all under control.

Saltwater crabs are a large group of invertebrates within the decapod crustaceans family, consisting of several sub groups. From Emerald Crabs, Blue Leg, Scarlet Reef Hermits, stone crabs, porcelains, sally light foot, anemone crabs to name a few. This wide range of invertebrates can vary in size from small to very large. Our authentic Blue Legs and Emerald Crabs are perfectly sized for beginner or advanced hobbyists.

The saltwater crabs listed below are some that are generally considered by experienced reef tank keepers to be safe for reef tanks. They do well in any environment and are generally peaceful. Some Crabs, however, can be more aggressive, so it is best to allow them plenty of space and extra food when needed. There are renegades in any species, so if your new tank critter doesn't work out, remove it before it can do serious damage.