Saltwater Wrasse Fish for Sale - Wrasses are very beautiful and active medium size fish that will make a wonderful addition to any moderate to large sized marine fish only aquarium. Wrasses by nature, like swimming out in the open, adding activity and beauty to a saltwater aquarium. They will adapt to most conditions and can be found on coral reefs or rock reefs and are not normally aggressive to other saltwater inhabitants. The ideal aquarium will have plenty of live rock for hiding and a deep enough sand bed for burrowing into at night. 

While they tend to be passive and friendly, wrasses will hide under the sand bed for protection if they are stressed or frightened. Because of their diet in nature, these fish are ill-suited for a reef aquarium, as they will readily consume most crabs, snails and tube worms.

There are ten genera of wrasses which are considered to be reef safe and are sometimes available for the reef aquarium. The absolute most common reef safe fish are all the different Cleaner Wrasse and fairy wrasse's species.