Melanurus Wrasse

Melanurus Wrasse

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The Melanurus Wrasse is commonly referred as the Hoeven's Wrasse or Tail-Spot Wrasse, are known for their vibrant color schemes and bold patterns.

The Melanurus Wrasse belongs to the Halichoeres family, one compromised of over 75 wrasse. Each of these wrasse will burrow themselves under the sand, either when frightened or to sleep for the night. This means the Melanurus Wrasse should have a deep sandy substrate of about 3", as well as a secure lid to prevent escaping. Additionally, the sand in the tank must not be rough like crushed coral.

The male melanurus wrasse is often favored by aquarists as they will have a much brighter and more distinct coloration. It has a blue-green body with a couple of yellow to pink stripes running horizontally across the body. There are definite differences in the sexes as the female has a spot on it's tail and the male lacks that spot.

The Melanarus Wrasse is known for its voracious appetites and can reach between 5-6 inches in under three years. This can make feeding time a bit tricky as they tend to dominate, outmaneuvering smaller timid fish. In this respect, they can become territorial; only one is suggested per tank (55-gallon tank minimum).

Also, the Melanurus Wrasse will help as part of the clean up crew, eating Fireworms, Pyramidellid Snails, off of corals and clams, and may also remove parasites off other tank mates. Though peaceful, they may also eat Feather Dusters, Tubeworms and Flatworms as well as very small Shrimp.