Tiger Sand Conch

Tiger Sand Conch

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The Tiger Sand Conch (Strombus sp.), also known as the Tiger Conch, is a species of marine snail that is often kept in saltwater aquariums. Here are some key features and information about the Tiger Sand Conch.


Tiger Sand Conchs have a distinctive and elongated shell with a pointed tip. The shell is often characterized by tiger-like patterns, with alternating dark and light bands. The coloration and patterns on the shell can vary among individual specimens.


Tiger Sand Conchs are known for their activity during the day, and they are often seen moving across the substrate in search of detritus and small organisms. They are effective scavengers and contribute to the cleaning of the aquarium by consuming debris and uneaten food.


In the wild, Tiger Sand Conchs inhabit sandy substrates in tropical and subtropical marine environments. They use their large foot to move across the sand and may bury themselves partially to avoid predators.

Tank Compatibility:

Tiger Sand Conchs are generally peaceful and can coexist with a variety of saltwater fish and invertebrates. They are considered reef-safe and are suitable for both fish-only and reef aquariums.

Care and Maintenance:

Provide a well-established aquarium with stable water parameters, including temperature, pH, and salinity. Maintain a sandy substrate, as Tiger Sand Conchs use their foot to move and forage in the sand.Diet. Tiger Sand Conchs are primarily detritivores, feeding on detritus, algae, and organic matter in the substrate. Supplement their diet with small meaty foods or pellets if detritus is insufficient.


Tiger Sand Conchs are capable of reproducing in captivity, laying eggs in the sand. However, successful breeding in aquariums may vary.

Population Control:

While they contribute to cleaning the substrate, it's essential to monitor their population to prevent overgrazing and competition for resources.


When introducing Tiger Sand Conchs to a new aquarium, acclimate them gradually to prevent stress.


Handle these snails with care, avoiding sudden movements or dropping them. Their shells can be delicate. The Tiger Sand Conch is valued for its attractive appearance and beneficial role in maintaining a clean substrate. Ensure proper care and suitable tank conditions to promote their well-being in the aquarium.