Mexican Turbo Snail

Mexican Turbo Snail

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The Mexican Turbo Snail (Turbo fluctuosa), also known as the Mexican Turbo or Mexican Turbo Grazer, is a species of marine snail commonly kept in saltwater aquariums. Here are some key features and information about Mexican Turbo Snails:


Mexican Turbo Snails have a distinct, large, and elongated shell with a pointed apex. The shell is typically dark brown to black and may have vertical ridges or spiral markings. The snail's foot is adapted for grazing on surfaces, and it has a rasping radula for feeding on algae.


Mexican Turbo Snails are herbivores and are known for their excellent algae-eating abilities. They graze on various surfaces, including live rock, glass, and substrate, consuming hair algae, diatoms, and other unwanted algae in the aquarium.


Native to the Pacific coast of Mexico, these snails are often found in intertidal zones and rocky areas. In aquariums, they thrive in environments with ample algae growth and suitable hiding spots.

Tank Compatibility:

Mexican Turbo Snails are generally peaceful and can coexist with a variety of saltwater fish and invertebrates. They are a popular choice for reef aquariums as they help control algae growth.

Care and Maintenance:

Provide a well-established aquarium with stable water parameters, including temperature, pH, and salinity. Ensure the presence of algae for them to graze on, and supplement their diet with algae wafers or seaweed sheets if needed.


Mexican Turbo Snails are capable of reproducing in captivity. They may lay eggs in the form of a gelatinous mass, and the hatched snails will emerge.

Population Control:

While they are beneficial for controlling algae, it's essential to monitor their population to prevent overgrazing and competition for resources.


When introducing Mexican Turbo Snails to a new aquarium, acclimate them gradually to prevent stress.


Handle these snails with care as their shells can be fragile. Avoid sudden movements or dropping them. Mexican Turbo Snails are popular choices for marine aquariums due to their practical role in algae control and peaceful nature. Proper care, suitable tank conditions, and a balanced diet contribute to their overall well-being in a saltwater aquarium.