Tropic Thunder Montipora

Tropic Thunder Montipora

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📏SIZE: ~.5-1"

⛅LIGHT: Moderate to high

🌊FLOW: Moderate to high



Tropic Thunder Montipora (Montipora monasteriata) is a beautiful bright orange/pink base color and metallic green polyps. Encrusting Tropic Thunder Montipora is ideal for someone starting SPS corals because they are one of the easier SPS corals to care for. Although, they do still need stable conditions so should be introduced to an established tank. Once the coral is established in your reef tank its growth can dwarf other corals when provided the right lighting, combined with a medium water movement within the aquarium and the addition of calcium and other trace elements to the water.

Montipora Corals come in a vast variety of forms and colors, but this variety is colored pink with green polyps. This is a fast growing coral that tends to dwarf others, so make sure it places somewhere in the tank with ample room to grow. Encrusting Montiporas need moderate to high flow rates and lighting. They may also benefit from being target fed microplankton.