Trachyphyllia Indo Splater Brain Coral

Trachyphyllia Indo Splater Brain Coral

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📏SIZE: ~ 4-5"

⛅LIGHT: Moderate to Low

🌊FLOW: Moderate

TEMPERAMENT: Semi-Aggresive



Commonly known as Open Brain Coral, Crater Coral, Dome Brain Coral, or Folded Brain Coral. Trachyphyllia brain corals, (Trachyphyllia geoffroyi) often shortened to “Trachys,” are native to the Indo-Pacific region and is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral.

The lobed appearance of the living tissue of this coral makes it easy to understand why they are often called “brain coral,” as they resemble the sulci (grooves) and gyri (ridges) of the mammalian brain. The Trachyphyllia genus is found in the Western Central Pacific in the Philippines and around Australia on the Great Barrier Reef and then south to Passage Island on the west coast. These easy to keep LPS corals are great for beginners. Their polyps are large fleshy mantles, and they come in varying shades of brilliant metallic greens, metallic reds, and pinks.

The Trachyphyllia Indo Splater, does best in a well established reef aquarium that incorporates moderate to strong lighting with a moderate water current, along with the addition of calcium, strontium, and other trace elements to the water.

They are voracious eaters, and if not fed well can start to recede. They will feed on micro-plankton or foods designed for filter feeding invertebrates. The polyp’s tentacles come out at night to feed and may come out during the day when food is present. Allow ample space between it and other corals, as it will sometimes sting its neighbors.