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Tomato Clownfish

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The scientific name of the Tomato Clownfish (TC) is Amphiprion frenatus. Other common names you might find them labeled as, regionally, include the Red Clownfish or Bridled Clownfish. They are found in the South China Sea from the Gulf of Thailand west to Palau east and from Java south to Japan in the north.

Tomato clownfish are also recognizable for the distinct black-bordered white stripe that rests behind each of its eyes. This is one of the larger species of clownfish and is a great option for the a good beginner saltwater aquarist. They eat live, frozen and prepared foods with gusto, are tolerant of water conditions and are bold/active inside the aquarium glass. Males will sustain their brilliant hues for the entirety of their lives, however the females will change into a dark brown color on the sides as they mature.