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Tail Spot Blenny

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The hardy, omnivorous little guy hails from the Indo-Pacific seas of the Philippines. With bright yellow-rimmed eyes, translucent fins, and displays a dark spot at the base of its tail amidst its beautiful orange and blue body.

The Tailspot Blenny will also serves as a member of the cleanup crew, grazing on algae found growing naturally in the tank, and loves hanging out in the crevices created by live rock work and are often easy to locate. They can grow to be 2.5 inches and  should be kept in a tank no less than 10 gallons if kept individually, and no less than 30 gallons if kept in a pair.

They are a peaceful species and should not be housed with aggressive species that may intimidate these fish into hiding. As well, use caution when housing this blenny with other small benthic fishes, as theyre quite territorial and may fight with certain gobies, hawkfishes, and dragonets.