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Ribbon eels (Rhinomuraena quaesita) is also known as the leaf-nosed moray eel or bernis eel, are a smaller species of eel, that are found at almost all regions of coral reefs and lagoons in Indonesia. Ribbon Eel tends to be fairly gentle in comparison to some other eels, it often gets mistaken for an aggressive species. This erroneous impression occurs due to the fact that its mouth stays open as if poised to strike. In reality, it does this so that it can breathe.

The Ribbon Eel is difficult to care for, due to their refusal to eat when put into a captive environment. However, there are several aquarists who have spent many weeks weaning their Ribbon Eel from live feeder fish onto frozen and prepared foods! This takes a lot of dedication and patience.

Also, they have thin bodies and can escape from almost any tank. Their homes require either strong mesh coverings over every possible exit or to be sealed off entirely. This includes siphons, filters, skimmers and overflows. If it has an opening the eel will investigate.

Eels are a very fascinating marine animal which can be kept in the home aquarium. Eels normally do not come out during the day but will pick a home in the live rock where you will just see the head. They will require meaty foods and a larger size aquarium with a lid to keep them from escaping.