Rose Pink Urchin

Rose Pink Urchin

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The Rose Pink Urchin, also known as Strongylocentrotus franciscanus, is a species of sea urchin found in the Pacific Ocean. These urchins are typically found in rocky coastal areas and kelp forests, ranging from Alaska to Baja California. They are named for their pink or rose-colored spines, which can vary in intensity.

Rose Pink Urchins play a role in marine ecosystems by grazing on algae, helping to maintain the balance of the underwater environment. They are also important prey for various predators, including sea otters and certain species of fish.

It's important to note that keeping sea urchins, including the Rose Pink Urchin (Strongylocentrotus franciscanus), in a reef aquarium can be challenging and may not be suitable for all setups. While some hobbyists do keep certain species of sea urchins in reef aquariums for their algae-grazing abilities, there are considerations to keep in mind:

Compatibility: Ensure that the Rose Pink Urchin is compatible with the other inhabitants of your reef aquarium. Some fish or invertebrates may view sea urchins as a potential threat or target.

Tank Size: Provide a sufficiently large tank with appropriate hiding spaces for the sea urchin. Sea urchins may need space to roam and graze on algae.

Algae Control: Sea urchins are known for their algae-eating behavior, which can be beneficial in controlling unwanted algae in the aquarium. However, they may also consume desirable microalgae or coralline algae.

Water Parameters: Maintain stable water parameters, including temperature, salinity, and water quality, as sea urchins can be sensitive to changes.

Feeding: While sea urchins primarily graze on algae, supplement their diet with suitable food if algae levels are insufficient. Provide a balanced and varied diet.

Coral Compatibility: Be cautious with coral placement, as sea urchins may accidentally knock over or damage corals while moving around the aquarium.

Always research and understand the specific requirements and behaviors of the Rose Pink Urchin before adding it to your reef aquarium. It's recommended to consult with experienced aquarists or professionals for personalized advice based on your specific tank setup.