Red St. Thomas Mushroom

Red St. Thomas Mushroom

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The rare Red St. Thomas Mushroom ( Rhodactis sanctithomae ) is also called the Warty Corallimorph, or the Caribbean Bubble Mushroom. Known to be very easy to maintain in the reef aquarium. This is a beautiful and unique species, that is covered with big bubbles, which almost make them look like bubbletip anemones, and are considered to be a much more hardy species of the Corallimorph family. It is wild collected and offered as single polyps. It has a blue-teal base and red tentacles that form cauliflower-like patterns and can grow up to 3 inches in diameter. Some Rhodactis remain small while others like the Elephant Ear can grow over 12″ in diameter and will even host clownfish.

They come in a wide variety of colors and textures. Easy to care for and stunning under the blue lights, this is a must have for any reefer. The Reds are very hard to come by, hence the price compared to a Lime Green Warty.

These mushrooms are photosynthetic, but will readily feed on plankton from the water column and even feed on larger items like brine shrimp. The Red St. Thomas Mushroom will benefit from higher lighting and will show brighter colors under more intense light.

  • Red St. Thomas Mushroom (Rhodactis sanctithomae)
  • Origin: Caribbean
  • Light Requirements: Low to medium
  • Flow Requirements: Low to medium