Peppermint Shrimp

Peppermint Shrimp

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Peppermint shrimp ( Lysmata wurdemanni ), is also known as the Veined or Caribbean Cleaner Shrimp, are very popular to keep in marine reef tanks as well as invert safe fish tanks. Mostly because they are very easy to care for, and they keep the bottom areas clean naturally beings they are scavengers. As well, they will add a burst of color to your aquarium with their pink or off-white color and red stripes. As a general rule, the peppermint shrimp grows to be about 1.50 to 1.75 inches.

Peppermint shrimp are reef-safe and thought to be a valued member of any marine clean-up crew. The Peppermint Shrimp is best known for its natural ability to eat aiptasia (glass anemones). Aiptasia are rapidly-producing predatory sea animals that are considered to be a pest in the saltwater aquarium because it will reproduce rather quickly in tanks with high nutrient loads and because it can sting corals and fish. Keep in mind that some individual Peppermint Shrimp are better at managing aiptasia while others may not be interested in aiptasia at all.

In its natural habitat, it can be found 3-90 feet below sea level. The tropical waters in the West Atlantic to the Caribbean are home to this small and brightly-colored invertebrate, where it can be found chilling around rocks and coral formations. It may also be found on blades of seagrass or within tube sponges.

The Peppermint Shrimp does best in home aquariums with live rock, ample places to hide, as well as open areas to scavenge. Like other invertebrates, the Peppermint Shrimp cannot tolerate copper-based medications or high nitrate levels. It also requires supplemental iodine to encourage proper molting of its carapace. In addition to what it obtains from scavenging, the diet of the Peppermint Shrimp should consist of most types of prepared foods and the occasional pieces of fresh fish.

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