PC Rainbow Acropora Frags

PC Rainbow Acropora Frags

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PC Rainbow Acropora for Sale - The PC Rainbow is a beautiful staghorn acropora, that has a vivid orange skin terminating in red and magenta coralites with blue and green growth rim. It is a fast grower that does not require high PAR in order to realize its full color potential and is a absolutely stunning rainbow coral. PC Rainbow Acropora like medium to high light and high flow and will thrive best in a well established system.

PC Rainbow Acropora should be carefully acclimated and should be placed in their permanent position immediately after acclimation. It takes 6 months for them to regain normal growth.

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  • Name: PC Rainbow Acropora
  • Coral Type: SPS
  • Scientific Name: Acropora sp.
  • Care Level: Easy in SPS tank!
  • Water Flow: Moderate to high
  • Lighting: High-Medium
  • Aggressiveness: Peaceful
  • Range: Indo-Pacific, Grown in California