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Orange Linckia Starfish

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Orange Linckia Starfish for Sale - The Orange Linckia Sea Star (Linckia laevigata), is also known as the Comet Sea Star, Orange Sea Star, or Orange Starfish.

The Orange Linckia is one of the harder to keep starfish, as they are very sensitive to changes in pH, temperature, and salinity changes. A slow drip acclimation period of no less than 2-1/2 hours is highly recommended, in order to properly adjust due to their intolerance of change in water chemistry.

Orange Linckia Starfish should only be introduced to a well-established aquarium, so very little needs to be done to supplement them. This starfish does best in a well-lit tank with numerous hiding places and as a juvenile, the Orange Linckia Sea Star spends most of the day hiding in small caves or overhangs. As it becomes older, the Orange Linckia Starfish will latch itself onto shelves and caves, reaching out with a limb or two to grab microscopic food.

In the wild, the Orange Linckia Sea Star is found in the sunny areas of the reef and reef fringe, constantly foraging for food. In the home aquarium setting, the Orange Linckia Sea Star prefers a well-lit sandy or coral rubble substrate, with many rocky hiding places.

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  • Care Level: Difficult - EXPERT ONLY
  • Behavior: Peaceful – Reef Safe
  • Water Conditions: ~75° F / sg 1.023-1.025
  • Approximate Purchase Size: 5″-8″
  • Max. Size: 1.5′
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Origin: Fiji