Neon Green Nephthea Tree Coral

Neon Green Nephthea Tree Coral

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Noen green nephthea tree corals have a attractive "tree like" appearance and considered to be one of the most highly sought-after leather corals because of their beautiful neon green coloration. Nephthea leather corals rely heavily on the products of their zooxanthellae but also may feed on phytoplankton and similarly sized microfauna in the water. The coloring can range from bright almost neon green to a darker green.

The green nepthea leather coral has a thick base trunk which stands and looks like a little tree with fat branches. The branches of the green nepthea leather coral are covered in short polyps, that make it look almost “furry”.

Nepthea Tree Coral is considered a relatively hardy and easy to care for coral, making them a excellent additions to a beginner or advanced reef aquarium. It is usually fast growing and can quickly become the centerpiece of your reef tank. This coral should ideally get around 10 inches of tank space for its long term growth.

  • Common Name: Green Palua Neptha, Green Neptha Leather
  • Type of Coral: Softie
  • Lighting: Moderate and Moderate to Low
  • Flow: Moderate and moderate to high
  • Care Level: Easy
  • Temperament: Semi-aggressive