Maui Wowi Rhodactis Mushroom for Sale

Maui Wowi Rhodactis Mushroom

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Maui Wowi Rhodactis Mushroom for Sale - There are a number of species of so-called “mushrooms” that make ideal tropical marine reef aquarium inhabitants, and those from the genus Rhodactis are amongst the best.

Mushroom corals like Discosoma and Rhodactis mushroom corals are excellent beginner’s coral, as they are hardy, prefer lower, shaded portions of the display and add vibrant colors and cool textures to any reef tank. The stubby, rounded appearance of the contours of the oral discs of these corals lends itself to several different common names, such as Tonga mushrooms, hairy mushrooms, elephant ear ‘shrooms and others.

They can range in size from the tiny one-inch Tonga bullseye varieties to gigantic 18” elephants ear mushrooms. Rhodactis hails from the Order Corallimorpharia. This means these corals are corallimorphs and closely related to stony corals. But they don't have hard exoskeletons like stony corals do.

This is why beginning aquarists often assume Rhodactis is soft coral. They look like soft coral but aren't.

  • Care Level: Easy
  • Lighting Requirements: Low to Moderate
  • Water Flow: Low to Medium
  • Aggressiveness: Semi-aggressive
  • Origin: Indo-Pacific
  • Family: Corallimorpharia