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Fire shrimp

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Blood Red Fire Shrimp for Sale - The Blood Red Fire Shrimp ( Lysmata debelius ), also known as Fire Shrimp or Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp, is one of the most popular ornamental shrimp in the marine aquarium hobby. The Blood Red Fire Shrimp boasts a striking deep blood red body, with white spots that may cover the entire body or just the carapace and long white antennae that are used to signal fish with their cleaning services. The fire shrimp will hang out on a live rock overhang and wave their antennae about waiting for fish to come up to them at which point they will clean the body, fins and gills of the fish. They will often form symbiotic relationships with these fish as the stuff they clean off of them make for a tasty meal.

Fire Shrimp can be a bit shy and sensitive to bright light, at times, and would benefit from having some live rock structure to retreat to for safety. While a peaceful aquarium inhabitant, it will chase away other shrimp and can be territorial. Provide plenty of hiding spots.

Marine shrimp may be small but they are mighty when it comes to keeping your saltwater tank clean. These little invertebrates are excellent omnivorous scavengers and they are generally very easy to care for. Different species of marine shrimp feed on different types of detritus and pests in the saltwater tank, plus they help to sift through the substrate to improve circulation.

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  • Scientific Name : Lysmata Debelius
  • Origin : Indo-Pacific, Japan, Maldives
  • Difficulty : Relatively Easy
  • Temperament : Peaceful, Shy
  • Reef Safe : Yes
  • Maximum Size : 3 inches
  • Diet : Carnivore