John Deere Leptastrea

John Deere Leptastrea

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📏SIZE: ~.5-1"

⛅LIGHT: Low/Medium

🌊FLOW: Medium


LEVEL OF CARE: Intermediate

John Deere Leptastrea are encrusting LPS with a distinctively furry appearance, that has a mix of stunning shades of green and yellow, creating a striking contrast that really 'pops' under the blue spectrum. This coral generally comes from shallow water, therefore needs good lighting, and moderate flow to maintain optimum health, as the flow will keep detritus from settling on them.

John Deere Leptastrea have long sweeper tentacles and are fast growing in general and will encrust onto the rockwork. If they are set near to another coral, they will extend out their tentacles and invade other polyps which has been proven to cause mortality.