Goldmeister Chalice

Goldmeister Chalice

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Goldmeister Chalice are predominantly colored red with yellow/gold mouth. The color of their mouth usually has a different color from their fleshy body.

The ‘Goldmeister Chalice’ chalice coral is a truly spectacular colony of Echinophyllia echinoporoides found in the waters of the Indo-Pacific Ocean. In general, species of Echinophyllia has an encrusting growth where their colonies can form folds or cups, that will grow and encrust to any surface, including the aquarium glass.

It is recommended adding Goldmeister Chalice to an established reef tank. Like most Chalice Echinophyllia family, it will require moderate lighting and low to moderate waterflow. If they are exposed to strong waterflow, their tentacles will not go out, which in turn, will deprive them from feeding.

Proper spacing must also be maintained with regards to nearby corals. The Goldmeister Chalice are equipped with sweeper tentacles, where it can extend, invade and sting nearby corals.

Diet & Nutrition: The Goldmeister Chalice gets much of its nutrition from the symbiotic zooxanthellae living within their tissues. However, we still recommend you do supplemental feeding by adding mysis and brine shrimp.

  • Name: Goldmeister Chalice
  • Coral Type: Chalices
  • Scientific Name: Echinophyllia sp.
  • Genus: Echinophyllia
  • Color: Red, Yellow Gold
  • Feeding: Photosynthetic
  • Flow: Medium
  • Lighting: Medium