Foxface Rabbitfish

Foxface Rabbitfish

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The Foxface Rabbitfish, also known as the Fox rabbitfish, Foxface spinefoot and Foxface Lo. The Foxface Rabbitfish is a hardy marine species and should be kept in an aquarium where there is a plenty of space to swim around.

Tank size should be taken into consideration before purchasing this fish as they are known to grow up to 9 Inches in length. It may reside in a 125 gallon or larger aquarium. It is a very peaceful species except when housed with other rabbitfish.

It has a bright, yellow-colored bodies and black, brown and white striped heads. When threatened, stressed or is acclimating to a new home, the foxface has the ability to change to a mottled brown color. This is their same coloration at night and oftentimes they will dig their spines into a rock to hold themselves in place to remain safe from predators.

As well, the foxface’s anal, dorsal and pectoral fins are lined with venomous spikes and this fish should always be handled with care.

It has been said that Tangs of the genus Zebrasoma will sometimes bully the Foxface, Tangs will see a Foxface as a direct food competitor. If you plan to keep a Foxface with Tangs, it is suggested that you add the Foxface first to your aquarium.

The Foxface Rabbitfish has a voracious appetite and is an aggressive eater when it comes to feeding time. The Foxface Rabbitfish will accept a wide range of meaty seafood and just about every plant it can find. Besides grazing on algae, the Foxface enjoys a variety for its diet which includes the occasional nori (dried seaweed), frozen spirulina and even blanched green veggies to its diet.

The Foxface should be considered “semi-reef safe”, BUT some have also been known to be coral nippers (they seem to have an eye for zooanthids and button polyps) when hungry. However, if well-fed Foxface typically won’t mess with your corals. Try to give them a varied diet and supplement their diet with marine seaweed using a veggie clip.