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The Flame Angelfish (Centropyge loriculus) is, without a doubt, one of the most gorgeous dwarf angelfish for both beginner and expert saltwater aquarists alike.

Found in the tropical waters across the western Pacific Ocean from Belau to the Hawaiian, Marquesas, and Marshall Islands. With black eyes and orangish to red color with strong contrasting black vertical lines, topped with deep electric blue accents at the back edge of the dorsal and anal fin, that gives an appearance of burning flames.

It is recommended to add them to well-established tanks, preferably an aquarium that has been setup up for at least 6 months and should be housed in a tank of at least 75 gallons with plenty of live rock and herbivorous matter.

Like the other dwarf angels you'll want to keep only one flame angelfish per tank because they will fight with other dwarf angelfish. As well, caution must be taken, as the flame angel can nip at corals and small sessile inverts so, they should be closely monitored if introduced into a reef tank.

  • Name: Flame Angelfish, ( Centropyge loriculus )
  • Care: Easy
  • Temperament: Semi-aggressive
  • Max Size: 4"
  • Reef Safe: Yes - With Caution
  • Minimum Tank Size: 75 gallons

Diet: Omnivore by nature, the flame angel feeds on a mixed diet of vegetation, spirulina, marine algae, seaweed, high quality angelfish preparations, and small crustaceans including brine and mysis shrimp. Overall, the flame Angelfish is one of the most sought-after angelfish species due to its unique coloration.