Firefish Dartfish for Sale

Firefish Dartfish for Sale

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One of the more popular fish in the saltwater aquarium hobby, the Firefish Goby or Magnificent Fire Dartfish is a reef safe species and a timid fish that prefers to live with non-boisterous tankmates. The Magnificent Fire Dartfish is native to the Indian and Pacific oceans, where it lives along rock ledges and coral reefs. They are popular candidates for Nano tanks and larger peaceful community aquariums.

Magnificent Fire Dartfish rarely reach sizes over 3” and because of its small size, the Firefish Goby or Magnificent Fire Dartfish makes a great addition to the smaller reef system. They have a bright yellow head, merging into a white body, gradually shading into a red-orange tail. Their dorsal fins are very long, and the fish flicks it back and forth. Also, the placement of their swim bladder allows the species to hover motionlessly in the water.

As well, the Magnificent Fire Dartfish is very good at jumping, and requires a tight fitted tank to avoid any unnecessary accidents. It should not be combined with the Dottybacks, Damsels (including larger Anemonefish), Pygmy Angelfish, Hawkfish, Sand Perches and Wrasses.

Diet: Meaty foods, such as frozen cyclops, frozen fish eggs, preparations for marine carnivores and even flake food.