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Euphyllia Hammer Coral

Euphyllia Hammer Coral

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Hammer Corals add both beauty and diversity to the reef aquarium. Euphyllia Hammer corals typically exhibit fast growth and are an excellent choice when wanting to add life to your display.

The Hammer Coral or Anchor Coral is a large polyp stony (LPS) hard coral. The polyps on the heads of this coral will look almost like the head of a hammer or anchor shaped tips on their tentacles, which is where its common name originated from. The tips of the polyps will typically be a lighter color as compared with the rest of the polyp and come in a range of brightly colored green, neon yellow or green tips. 

Hammer Corals requires moderate lighting combined and tend to prefer low to medium flow, especially flow that comes from below the tentacles. The Hammer Coral is most active during the day and generally retreats into its skeleton at night. A photosynthetic energy-obtainer, the Hammer Coral will also benefti from trace element supplements. As this coral grows, the heads will split and the skeleton base will branch almost like a tree grows.