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Eibli Angelfish

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This dwarf angelfish exhibits a unique multi-colored body, that has a silver/white body with thin red stripes, a deep red eye, yellow pectoral fins, an electric blue edging of the dorsal fin, and a jet black tail. Because ebilies angelfish are one of the larger of the dwarf species, they will do best in tanks of a minimum 50 gallons, with plenty of live rock and algae growth for grazing.

Like the other dwarf angels you'll want to keep only one of these Eibli Angelfish per tank because they will fight with other dwarf angelfish. As well, caution must be taken, as the Eibli Angel can nip at corals and small sessile inverts so, they should be closely monitored if introduced into a reef tank.

The Eibli Angelfish will eat an omnivorous diet consisting of brine and mysis shrimp, Spirulina, marine algae, and other meaty preparations. Overall, the Eibli Angel is a beautiful addition to any tank.