Coral Beauty Angelfish

Coral Beauty Angelfish

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The Coral Beauty Angelfish ( Centropyge bispinosa ), is also known as the Twospined or Dusky Angelfish, that is one of the easiest and most popular angels to care for. Very common on the Great Barrier Reef, the body and head are a deep royal blue, highlighted with an iridescent orange to yellow, that has a shimmering effect. Due to aggression towards other Angelfish they are best kept singly but will do well with other fish.

The Coral Beauty Angelfish are know to adjusts well in a mature home reef aquarium, generally resistant to disease, and a relatively peaceful fish. It requires a 70 gallon or bigger tank with numerous hiding locations and rock for grazing.

Though they are safe to house with inverts such as Shrimp, Crabs, Snails, and Starfish, they are NOT reef safe as they will pick at large-polyped stony corals, clam mantles and feather dusters. What we highly recommend the Coral Beauty Angelfish for is a "Fowler" (stands for fish only with live rock) aquarium.

The diet of the Coral Beauty Angelfish should include Spirulina, marine algae, high-quality angelfish preparations, mysis or frozen shrimp. Feed three times daily.