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The Chevron Tang Fish, also known as the Hawaiian Bristletooth, Hawaiian Surgeonfish, or Black Surgeonfish, has an oval body shape with radiating, bold markings that change with maturity.

Chevron Tang Fish are found throughout parts of the Central Pacific Ocean, namely the Hawaiian Islands.

As a juvenile, Chevron Tang have a bright orange colored body and head with variegated bright blue lines on the body and fins. As a adult, Chevron Tangs turn a dark orangish red coloration overall with multiple thin dark green-blue lines. When seen from a distance the adult appears a uniform black and are known as the Black Surgeon in Hawaii.

The Chevron Tangs will reach a length of 4 inches, is considered to be "reef safe", and should be kept in an aquarium larger than 75 gallons to provide plenty of swimming room. It is aggressive towards other Tangs, therefore, it is best to only keep one per tank. It will not harm sessile invertebrates in the reef tank environment.

Chevron Tangs are known to be herbivores and help keep corals healthy by preventing overgrowth of algae by feeding around them. They are happy to graze along rocks and coral for algae in the ocean. But when in a tank, you will need to provide them with little more nutrients.

Diet: Feed Chevron tangs with plenty of marine-based seaweed, as this will keep them healthy. Try putting seaweed on a veggie clip, or break into small pieces and feed 2-3 times per week.