Canary Blenny

Canary Blenny

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A Canary Blenny will add a splash of bright yellow color to a saltwater aquarium of 30 gallons, with live rock for hunting and grazing in order to thrive. Canary Blenny (Meiacanthus oualanensis) is also known as the Oualan Forktail Blenny, or Canary Fang Blenny, are considered reef safe and should not pick or nip at corals or inverts. They are hardy and can be housed with other peaceful fish in a reef tank setting, but may become territorial towards other blennies, gobies or dartfish in smaller tanks.

As well, Canary Blennies can be chased by larger more aggressive fish but will retaliate by biting the inside of the mouth of the attacker with a venomous bite. Being venomous, it is important you pay attention while working in a tank and should be kept only with caution around children having tank access since it may perceive fingers as an attacker and deliver a similarly painful bite.

The Canary Blenny reaches about 3 inches in adult form, with the males being somewhat larger than females, and they experience an array of color variations during breeding. Blennies are known for their incredible jumping abilities, so having a tightly secured lid is suggested and it is best to keep only one per tank unless a breeding pair is maintained.

The diet of the Canary Blenny should consist of finely chopped crustacean flesh, mysis and vitamin-enriched brine shrimp, pirulina, marine algae, seaweed and frozen herbivore food preparations.