Blue Damsel Fish for Sale

Blue Damsel Fish for Sale

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The blue devil damselfish comes from the reefs around of the Indo-Pacific Ocean. They are small, beautifully colored and as inexpensive as saltwater fish get. Their preferred location is in the shallow lagoons or reefs, usually found near coral where they can quickly retreat if threatened.

The Blue Damselfish is somewhat aggressive, so its housing should be large enough to easily accommodate multiple specimens. It is a good fish for beginners and makes an ideal companion fish for saltwater aquariums of over 30 gallons. The Blue Damselfish is also a great choice for reef aquariums with invertebrates.

Female Blue Damselfish are completely blue. Males, on the other hand, have an orange tail and are commonly called the Orangetail Blue Damselfish or Blue Devil Damselfish.

As the Blue Damselfish matures, it may demonstrate pronounced territorial behavior towards future additions to the aquarium. If keeping the Blue Damselfish with other damselfish, provide multiple hiding places to break up territories and decrease aggression

The diet of the Blue Damselfish should consist of flaked and frozen foods, and herbivore preparations.