Blastomussa Merletti

Blastomussa Merletti

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📏SIZE: ~ 3/4 -1"

⛅LIGHT: Medium-Low

🌊FLOW: Low

LEVEL OF CARE: Intermediate

The Blastomussa Merletti Coral (Blastomussa Merletti), which is sometimes called Pineapple coral or Branched Cup coral, is an attractive hardy LPS (large polyp stony), that will become the centerpiece for your reef aquarium.

The Blastomussa Merletti a very passive coral, that does not have long sweeper tentacles and, which once established, is a moderately hardy coral, this has given the Blastomussa Coral a great reputation for doing well in established reef aquariums.

As well, their beautiful colors and textures will add some pop to your coral reef collection in your aquarium. The body of the Blastomussa Coral contains the symbiotic algae zooxanthellae from which it receives the majority of its nutritional requirements through photosynthesis.

Blastomussa Merletti coral requires a low water current and a moderate light level. It does not require additional food to maintain its health in the reef aquarium, but it will feed on zooplankton or foods designed for filter feeding invertebrates.