Bicolor Angelfish for Sale

Bicolor Angelfish for Sale

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The Bicolor Angel will make a beautiful addition to any saltwater tank setup. This angelfish will display yellow on the front half, the back half is a royal blue and they have a saddle like blue over the eye region.

It is recommended to add them to well-established tanks, preferably an aquarium that has been setup up for at least 6 months and should be housed in a tank of at least 50 gallons with plenty of live rock and herbivorous matter.

Like the other dwarf angels you'll want to keep only one Bi-color Angelfish per tank because they will fight with other dwarf angelfish. As well, caution must be taken, as the Bicolor Angel can nip at corals and small sessile inverts so, they should be closely monitored if introduced into a reef tank.

The Bicolor Angel feeds on a mixed diet of vegetation and small crustaceans including brine and mysis shrimp. Overall, the Bicolor Angelfish is one of the most sought-after Angelfish species due to its unique coloration.