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The Niger Trigger (Odonus niger) also known as, Red Tooth Triggerfish and the Black Triggerfish, is a wonderfully colored triggerfish that is relatively peaceful. This triggerfish has a reputation amongst hobbyists as being one of the less aggressive triggerfish but they are still triggers and each fish can be different. One may be easy going and the next could be quite the terror. As juveniles they will need lots of hiding places (using live rock) to help make them feel secure. As they get bigger, they often get bolder and more aggressive.

Its deep turquoise/grey body with neon blue face and red fang-like teeth, give them an indistinguishable look from any other Trigger. The Niger triggerfish is NOT to be considered reef safe. It eats ornamental shrimp and other invertebrates and although it usually doesn't eat coral they will try to rearrange everything in the aquarium which can damage and/or knock over corals.

Niger Triggerfish are native to the reefs systems in the the Indo-Pacific. Populations exist from southern Japan, down the entire east coast of Africa, ranging as far south as Australia. The Niger Triggerfish is reasonably easy to keep in a fish only aquarium with rocks and caves for hiding, but there is a general rule of thumb when dealing with larger marine species. You should allow approximately 5 gallons of water for every inch of fish. This equates to a minimum tanks size of 100 gallons for a single adult niger.

Diet: They will accept most every fish food that you put into the tank but you need to give them a varied diet of chopped frozen seafood, frozen preparations for herbivores, frozen mysis and frozen krill.