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Red Nobbed Starfish

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Red Knobbed Starfish for Sale - The African Red Knob Starfish (Protoreaster linckii) are also sometimes known as African red knob sea stars or red spine stars, is very hardy starfish and makes a great addition for fish only aquariums. It is not reef compatible, as it will eat anything it can catch, including soft corals, sponges, tube worms, clams, other starfish, and various invertebrates. It should not be housed with puffers.

African Red Knob Starfish have a thick, gray body with multiple bright red tubercles extending upward along each of its five arms. Red stripes connect these protrusions, giving its back the appearance of wires interconnecting in a grid-like fashion. It is found in shallow tidal pools to reefs up to 100 m deep in the Indian Ocean.

Starfish are the all around natural janitors and make excellent clean up crew members, while providing a bright splash of color to your tank.

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