Forest Fire Digitata Coral Frags

Forest Fire Digitata Coral Frags

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📏SIZE: ~ 3/4 -1"

⛅LIGHT: Medium-Low

🌊FLOW: Medium

LEVEL OF CARE: Intermediate

Forest Fire Montipora Digitata - Digitatas are generally hardy and are a good choice for folks who are just starting out with SPS.

The Forest Fire Montipora Frag is a designer montipora which has a neon green base color with dense, bright red/orange polyps and often gets confused with it's cousin, the Bubblegum Digitata, that has a bluish/purplish body, orange polyps, yellow/neon green growth tips.

Once the coral is established in your reef tank and with proper reef husbandry, this type of coral will display unique growth patterns.

Forest Fire Montipora Digitata is a fast growing coral that tends to dwarf others, so make sure it places somewhere in the tank with ample room to grow.

The Forest Fire digitata loves light and robust water flow, it will reward the reef keeper with it’s bushy red polyps and fluorescent green tips. They come in a variety of colors adding some very nice eye candy to any reef tank. The more common colors are green, red, orange, purple, and blue.