Euphyllia Coral for Sale - The Euphyllia genus is a large-polyped scleractinians (LPS) coral, that consists of Hammers, Torches, or Frogspawns, but there are actually over 8 separate species and multiple color forms available in the aquarium trade today. Generally hardy and easy to propagate, will make it no surprise why Euphylliads, are such a popular choice for beginners and experts alike. Not only are euphyllia beautiful in color they are also very easy to keep and with proper water conditions in the aquarium, it will thrive.

Many reefers are often attracted to these corals due to their long colorful tentacles and movement that they add to a reef tank, make them one of the most desired types of coral in the reefing hobby. They can either have fused wall type skeletons or branching. Their colors are endless, pretty much any combination, especially in the aquaculture varieties. The oral discs are usually a different solid color, contrasting with the colorfully mottled fleshy body.

All Euphyllia prefer a low flow, low light area. They usually do best placed low (bottom) or off to one side of your reef. At night, this corals sweeper tentacles can extend up to six inches in the reef aquarium, stinging other species of corals and animals. Allow plenty of room between it and other neighboring corals. For continued good health, it will also require the addition of calcium, strontium, and other trace elements to the water.