Splatter Hammer Coral

Splatter Hammer Coral

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Branching Splatter Hammer for Sale - The Splatter Hammer Coral is a great beginner coral and are a favorite of many saltwater aquarium hobbyist because of the sense of motion they bring to a reef tank.

Often referred to as Euphyllia Hammer Coral or Anchor coral, its common names are derived from the hammer like and anchor-shaped tentacles. The tentacles on Hammer Coral colonies can range anywhere from tan or golden yellow to more rare colonies of bright green.

Euphyllia is a coral Genus name that includes those corals commonly known as Torch, Frogspawn, and Hammer corals. All are common large polyp stony (LPS) corals that exhibit large, fleshy tentacle heads over skeletons that are normally either branching or wall patterned. They are most easily distinguished from one another by the shape of the tentacles, although some specimens may show mixed characteristics that make an absolute ID tricky

They are found all throughout the Pacific reefs and come in a variety of colors and growth forms. Hammer corals sometimes grow in a wall formation while other hammers grow in a branching formation. Either variety makes an excellent show piece coral for a reef aquarium however the branching varieties tend to grow more quickly.

Quick Overview

  • Name: Neon Green Splatter Hammer
  • Scientific Name: Euphyllia ancora
  • Color: Green, Purple
  • Care Level: Moderate
  • Lighting: Medium - High
  • Waterflow: Medium
  • Aggressiveness: Aggressive
  • Range: Fiji, Indo Pacific, Australia, Solomon Islands