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The Domino Damsel, also known as the Three Spot Dascyllus, is characterized by the presence of three white spots imposed on a jet black body. The Domino Damsel lives in the Indo-Pacific. Its range stretches from East Africa and the Red Sea to the Line and Pitcairn islands. The Domino Damsel is very hardy and can tolerate water conditions that a lot of other saltwater fish cannot, and makes it good choice for the a good beginner saltwater aquarist.

The Domino Damsel is one of the most striking damselfish as a juvenile. This small black fish has a distinct white spot on the forehead and a prominent white spot on the upper side. Thus it is also known as the Three Spot Damsel or Three Spot Dascyllus. Elegant in form and high in contrast, it quickly catches the eye. They can sometimes be territorial in nature so it is advised to keep them singly, not in pairs, and introduce it to your tank last. However, they are completely reef safe and will not mess with any corals or inverts.