Pink Ricordea Yuma Mushrooms

Pink Ricordea Yuma Mushrooms

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Pink Ricordea Mushrooms for Sale - Pink ricordea mushrooms, Ricordea florida, or Pink Pacific Ricordea Yuma, are quite a sought out group of mushroom corals for the marine aquariums. Pink Ricordea Mushrooms are very beautiful and create marked impact to the display of a marine aquarium.

Pink Ricordea Yuma Mushrooms are also called Pacific Flower Mushrooms, are found only in the Indo-Pacific zones, on the sea floor in relatively shallow, tropical or subtropical ocean environments.

Our mushroom corals are highly recommended for beginning coral enthusiasts, as they require very little care and grow at a faster pace than many other corals. As well mushrooms are also suitable for coral enthusiasts at any other levels. They are easy to self-propagate under favorable conditions, and prefer areas in your display that many other corals don’t, making them a valuable, interesting and attractive addition to most any coral reef display.

Mushroom corals are quite often very affordable. Also our mushroom corals are mostly aquaculture in-house, which reduces collection pressure on wild reefs, allows us to carefully screen them for potential parasites and other unwanted hitchhikers and allows us to provide high quality ‘shrooms and other soft corals to our clients.