Blue and Red Teardrop Clam

Blue and Red Teardrop Clam

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Ultra Red and Blue Teardrop Noae Clams for Sale - The Teardrop clam is the newest member of the giant clam family. In the past few years this species has been described as Tridacna noae when previously it was thought to be a variation of the Maxima clam. These clams exhibit an intricate “teardrop” pattern along the mantle of their shell, which can be many varying colors. These clams can come in shades of blues to blacks to pinks with their iconic teardrop pattern.

Water Flow: When it comes to water flow, these clams typically live where they're regularly exposed to strong currents and wave activity. So, they're quite used to strong, surging water motion.

Diet and Feeding: In the home aquarium, the Maxima Clams require intense lighting to thrive as they contain the symbiotic algae called zooxanthellae, and receive the majority of their nutrition from the light through photosynthesis. However, all Maxima Clams, will also require micro foods designed for filter feeders, especially if they are smaller than 2 inches. Offer phytoplankton and other micro foods.

Tankmates to Avoid: Avoid any species which would be tempted to nip at the mantle e.g. angelfish, large wrasses, some butterfly fish. Avoid placing the clam too near to stinging corals, particularly those with long sweeper tentacles, and be sure that none of your corals shade out the clam as they grow.

Overall, the Maxima Clam is hardy, as long as they receive the required strong lighting, proper water chemistry and good water flow.