Walt Disney Rainbow Acropora Coral Frags for Sale

Walt Disney Rainbow Acropora Coral Frags

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Walt Disney Acropora Frags for Sale - Walt Disney Acropora boost beautiful pinks purples, yellow and greens make this tennis a truly magical addition to any SPS reef tank!

Since its introduction to the reef aquarium hobby, the Walt Disney acropora tenuis has become one of the most sought after SPS corals and a must-have piece for acropora collectors. Walt Disney Acropora, has a beautiful green base, pink radial corallites, bright yellow polyps with a deep blue axial corallite and grow we will continue to form a rainbow of colors.

The Walt Disney Acropora is actually a stunning color morph of Acropora tenuis, a very common Acropora species found in many SPS lovers aquariums, just not with this coloration.

Acroporas are best kept in a small polyp stony (SPS) tank with only other SPS corals. They are not hard to keep growing healthy as long as maintenance of calcium, strontium and trace elements are kept up with. Acropora tenuis grows well under med/strong lighting in an established aquarium and does best under blue lighting to achieve all of the colors.